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Panic Disorder Prevention

by Dr. Blumberg on March 27, 2011

*Emergency Room Panic Attacks When you are awakened at 2:00am with your heart thumping “out of your chest” and you are gasping for what you believe could be your last breath, naturally you call 911 and race to the ER.  A complete battery of tests indicates nothing is wrong medically and the Doctor asks you […]

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Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder-A Prevention Model

by Dr. Blumberg on February 8, 2011

Panic Disorder and Emotional Stuffing Panic attack sufferers tend to hold in their emotions. Oftentimes, they associate emotional expression with loss of control and signs of weakness. They tend to avoid conflict and confrontation in significant relationships for fear of hurting other’s feelings.  They are also prone to excessive worry about the safety and well-being […]

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