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Panic Attack Triggers

Panic Attack Triggers-Exercise

by Dr. Blumberg on March 15, 2011

Can Running up a flight of stairs cause a panic attack? Are You a Catastrophic Thinker? Panic attack victims are catastrophic thinkers.  They think the worst! When panic attack symptoms hit you for no apparent reason, the catastrophic thinker misinterprets normal bodily sensations of adrenaline as a sign of danger. Strong surges of lightheadedness tricks […]

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Causes of Panic Attacks-That Sneaky Little Trigger

by Dr. Blumberg on January 11, 2011

Trigger One: Anticipatory Anxiety *After your first panic attack strike “Out of the Blue” that took you to the Emergency Room, you live in dread of future attacks.  The dread of recurring panic attacks leads to a series of triggering anticipatory anxiety thoughts. The Six Most Common Anticipatory Anxiety Thoughts That Can Trigger a Panic […]

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* If you are like many Americans you are preparing to visit your family during the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.  According to AAA, last year 33.2 million Americans traveled by car to their Thanksgiving destination.  We are filled with feelings of excitement and anticipation, as we think of reuniting with family and friends during the holiday.  However, […]

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If you are like over 5000 of my panic disorder patients, then your first panic attack struck you “Out of the Blue” with no apparent reason. An unexpected onslaught of intense heart pounding, shallow breathing, head pressure, weakness, hot/cold flashes and rubbery legs can be so frightening that you are convinced you are dying or […]

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