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Why Do Panic Patients See So Many Medical Doctors?

by Dr. Blumberg on May 23, 2010

Panic patients are suddenly hit with a barrage of physical symptoms, “Out of the Blue”. When dizziness, heart pounding, shortness of breath, weakness, numbness in the hands and feet, and hot cold spells strike without apparent cause, panic sufferers frequently seek medical evaluations (emergency rooms, family doctors) to determine the cause. Ballenger (1987) states that […]

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Don't Drink the Coffee

by Dr. Blumberg on April 30, 2010

I just stepped out of Session 1 with “Bill” (not his real name). Like many of my patients, Bill had been advised to avoid caffeine because he suffers from anxiety attack symptoms.  He told me that recently he had a powerful surge of anxiety symptoms right after drinking a cup of coffee. Here is Bill’s […]

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What Is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

by Dr. Blumberg on April 14, 2010

Michelle Craske, in her APA Theories of Psychotherapy Series Book entitled “Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy”(2010), outlines the “hallmark features of cognitive-behavioral therapy.” Dr. Craske states ”CBT is short term, problem-focused cognitive and behavioral interventions strategies that are derived from the science and theory of learning and cognition.”  The execution of treatment and evaluation is guided by empirical […]

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