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Early Diagnosis of Panic Disorder

Can Panic Attacks Make You Feel Sick All The Time?

by Dr. Blumberg on May 28, 2011

How Many Medical Doctors Do I Have to See? *Karen, a 33 year old married school teacher and mother of 3 young children, had been feeling “constant” lightheadedness, weakness and nausea for several weeks on end? When her family Doctor could not find a medical cause for her complaints, he referred her to an Ear […]

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How Do I Know I Have Panic Disorder?

by Dr. Blumberg on April 2, 2011

Even though your physician has reassured you over and over again that you are in good physical health The Panic Symptom Checklist Do you wake up in the morning with heart pounding and shortness of breath and wonder, why am I feeling this way? Do you get lightheaded before you leave to go out and […]

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