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Call 1-800-366-6570 Now to See If You Qualify For a Free Trial of the panicLINK System. Offer is Limited to First Ten Callers Who Fit the Panic Profile Click the link below to see if you qualify.   Are panic attacks running your life and boxing you into a corner? When you wake up […]

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Panic Attacks and Distraction

by Dr. Blumberg on May 8, 2011

*Panic Disorder: The Fear of Normal Bodily Sensations For no apparent reason, “Out of the Blue”, an intense wave of physical sensations surge through your body. Heart pounding, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, heat waves, rubbery legs, a lump in your throat and numbness and tingling in your head and face overtake you.  Naturally, you think […]

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What is the Root Cause of My Panic Attacks?

by Dr. Blumberg on May 3, 2011

The Psychological Basis of Panic Disorder What Does My Personality Style Have to Do with Panic Attacks? The People Pleasing Personality Are you an over accommodator? Do you bend over backwards to make others happy? Do you constantly fear that other people will be mad at you? Do you avoid conflict and confrontation? Are you […]

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What Is Causing My Panic Attack Symptoms?

by Dr. Blumberg on April 23, 2011

*Uncertainty about the Cause of Panic Attack Symptoms Initial panic attacks appear “Out of the Blue” for no apparent reason. Experiencing intense physical sensations with no explanation can be very disconcerting.  You immediately think “Why am I feeling this way? What could be causing me to feel such intense surges of physical sensations in my […]

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How Do I Know I Have Panic Disorder?

by Dr. Blumberg on April 2, 2011

Even though your physician has reassured you over and over again that you are in good physical health The Panic Symptom Checklist Do you wake up in the morning with heart pounding and shortness of breath and wonder, why am I feeling this way? Do you get lightheaded before you leave to go out and […]

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Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder-A Prevention Model

by Dr. Blumberg on February 8, 2011

Panic Disorder and Emotional Stuffing Panic attack sufferers tend to hold in their emotions. Oftentimes, they associate emotional expression with loss of control and signs of weakness. They tend to avoid conflict and confrontation in significant relationships for fear of hurting other’s feelings.  They are also prone to excessive worry about the safety and well-being […]

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Panic Attack Causes: Trapped Situations

by Dr. Blumberg on January 23, 2011

Market Place Panic attacks *When a sudden surge of heart pounding, dizziness, and shortness of breath hit you unexpectedly while shopping in the market place, your first thought is “Why am I feeling this way?  What is causing me to feel this way?” Naturally, worrisome, terrifying thoughts flood your mind like “Faint, Heart Attack, Stroke, […]

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Causes of Panic Attacks-That Sneaky Little Trigger

by Dr. Blumberg on January 11, 2011

Trigger One: Anticipatory Anxiety *After your first panic attack strike “Out of the Blue” that took you to the Emergency Room, you live in dread of future attacks.  The dread of recurring panic attacks leads to a series of triggering anticipatory anxiety thoughts. The Six Most Common Anticipatory Anxiety Thoughts That Can Trigger a Panic […]

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The Four Causes of Panic Disorder

by Dr. Blumberg on December 26, 2010

THE FOUR TRIGGERS IN FORMATION The first Attack “Out of the Blue” The Primary Trigger (1): The Core Emotional Source of Panic Attacks *Mary, a 32 year old married school teacher, had just lost her father to a sudden heart attack five months ago.  The holidays were quickly approaching and, as usual, Mary had overextended […]

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Causes of Panic Disorder: Blocked Emotions

by Dr. Blumberg on December 19, 2010

Holiday Panic Attacks The Holidays were rapidly approaching.  *Janet, a 35 year old married Nurse, was busily preparing for her family to visit. After she had completed most of her preparation, she took a break and started to thumb through a family photo album.  All of a sudden, “Out of the Blue”, she felt a […]

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