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Suffering from Panic or Anxiety Attacks?

Try a State of the Art Multi-Media Program Free for 30 days
Complete The Panic Checklist below or call 1-800-366-6570 to see if you qualify for the Free Trial.
Limited to the First 10 Callers Who Qualify.

The Panic Checklist
…but you FEEL
…and you WORRY you will
You may FEAR or AVOID
Free Trial Offer – Limited to the first 10 Callers who qualify

Call Now to speak with Dr. Blumberg, the creator of the panicLINK system to see if you are eligible for this trial.

What’s Included:
*Video Program   *452-Page Workbook Set
*15 CD Audio Program   *Bonus Audio CD

Review the program free for 30 days and during your trial period

Receive one free 15 minute education and feedback phone session with Dr. Blumberg,  the creator of panicLINK. Try out all the latest scientific methods for taking control of panic attacks and getting your life back on track. See for yourself how panicLINK can change your life, restore peace of mind and create a new level of self-confidence. If after 30 days, you are not completely satisfied with the results you observe from panicLINK, simply let us know and all you will ever pay us is $19 for shipping and handling. Participant is responsible for return shipping. Florida residents charged sales tax as required.
(See return policy for more details)

Once you are satisfied that the panicLINK program is for you, just pay 3 monthly payments of $119 billed to the credit card you submit for the shipping and handling fee. A savings of $140 just for parctipating in our market research program!

Call 800-366-6570 to see if you qualify today!

Dr. Stephen Blumberg, Licensed Clinical Psychologist