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The panicLINK Multimedia Program Components

The panicLINK program is divided into four phases, and covers a total of 12 sessions. Each session includes a video, workbook, audio and guidebook component.

The Video

PanicLINK VideoSee Dr. Blumberg just as you would if you were sitting in his office.

In each video he introduces the session ahead and prepares you to move toward your panic-free life.

The Workbook*

At your own pace, see how Dr. Blumberg approaches each session. Observe detailed patient-doctor interactions, instructional material and patient handouts from actual sessions. Then, we personalize the session for you, and you use the readiness checklist to determine if you are ready to proceed the next session.

The Audio

The Audio Program brings to life the key concepts of each session.

Hear what Dr. Blumberg says to patients, and then get your own personalized instruction. The detailed track titles for each session allow you to come back to review again a main idea or section.

The Guidebook*

PanicLINK Guidebook SampleFinally you turn to The Guidebook, which holds all the session handouts, charts, graphs, assignments and readiness checklists to determine when you are ready to advance to the next session. The session guidelines summarize the main points of each session.

*Note: The Workbook and Guidebook are available in either print form (as shown in the product images above) or on CD-ROM.