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The panicLINK Program

What is panicLINK?

Changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors can create positive chemical changes and can change the neural pathways in your brain.

PanicLINK combines the latest developments in cognitive behavioral therapy with the unique Missing Link component developed by Dr. Stephen Blumberg, a panic attack expert who has treated thousands of individuals suffering from panic disorder in nearly three decades of clinical practice. The program replicates the experience of being in Dr. Blumberg’s office. It is a comprehensive approach that helps you take control, identify your triggers, and – most importantly – understand your Missing Link to a panic-free life.

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PanicLINK is behavioral medicine. The benefits are the same as with medical treatments, but you administer your own treatment – three times a day. Benefits from panicLINK come from applying the takeCONTROL training methods daily.

Most important, the program includes the innovative whyPANIC Model, which has never before been available outside Dr. Blumberg’s office. The whyPANIC Model provides you with step-by-step building blocks leading to the discovery and mastery of your Missing Link – the link to living panic-free.

The program consists of four phases, carefully designed to replicate the experience of being in the office with Dr. Blumberg. The phases are designed to be completed in order, taking you from the initial steps of taking immediate control of panic through the final discovery of your Missing Link to a panic-free life.

PHASE 1 – The Take Control Training Method
Learn the takeCONTROL training method and stop ‘enemy thinking’

PHASE 2 – Rapid Rebound Skills
Prepare for the return of symptoms; learn to master setbacks

PHASE 3 – Understanding Your Why Panic? Triggers
Uncover the four ‘why’ triggers

PHASE 4 – Master Your Missing LInk
Discover the link to a panic-free life!

This multi-media program includes video, workbook set, audio, and a guidebook.