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A Guide to Selecting a Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Provider

by Dr. Blumberg on May 9, 2010

In 2007, 591 American Psychological Association members were randomly surveyed about their theoretical orientation to treatment.  Almost 50% indicated a theoretical orientation toward cognitive behavior therapy. Almost one-half of psychologists indicated they were cognitive behavioral specialists!

The Psychodynamic orientation ranked  second, with approximately 22% of those surveyed. However, Craske (2010) refers to research that suggests that “clinicians who regard themselves as delivering CBT may overrate their competency in this approach to therapy and from patient report, often do not deliver the key elements of CBT.” Craske suggests the psychologists failure to deliver the key component of CBT may be related to inadequacy in training doctors in CBT and other empirically based treatment approaches. She reports only 17.8% of behavioral science training programs provide both instruction and supervision in cognitive behavior therapy.

7 Questions to Ask A Potential CBT Provider
When you are selecting a CBT Specialist, a good place to begin is with the following questions;

  1. What is your training in the theory and application of CBT?
  2. Describe your specific training experiences.
  3. Where did you do your training?
  4. What type of CBT training have you had for my particular condition?
  5. How many cases have you treated with CBT?
  6. What is your success rate?
  7. How would you approach my problem area?

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